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Company Profile

Established in 2003, PowerPay is one of the nation’s premier providers of integrated eCommerce and point-of-sale (POS) payment processing solutions. PowerPay enables businesses of all types and sizes to accept major credit and debit cards, recurring bill payments and a variety of other card-based and electronic or web enabled payments.

Operating through several channels including eCommerce, software developers, financial institutions, direct response marketers, affiliate relations, colleges and universities, non-profits and direct merchant-level sales, PowerPay gives merchants greater access to the world of commerce.

Our internal management of underwriting, risk management, customer service, technical support, information technology, sales, marketing and product development are key to the quality of our services. Plus, PowerPay incorporates a comprehensive suite of solutions for merchant needs ranging from standard dial-up/touch-tone acceptance, to high speed DSL and internet connections, to wireless processing solutions, as well as virtual terminal payment gateways.

Portland Public Market

Based in Portland, Maine, PowerPay recently moved into new corporate headquarters – a $10 million renovation that transformed the former Portland Public Market into a Gold LEED-certified energy-efficient office building for our 150 employees.

PowerPay currently serves over 40,000 merchants located across the United States and Canada. Based on the number of merchant accounts, PowerPay is the largest independent credit card processing company in New England, and ranks within the top 35 largest credit card processors in the United States.

We process an average of 140,000 transactions each day. By continuing to set new standards within the payment industry for quality, trust and innovation that continually exceed the expectations of our partners, PowerPay is poised to become a top 10 processor by 2012.

What makes PowerPay different?

Flexibility and Innovation

PowerPay is one of the few payment processing organizations with total in-house merchant underwriting, risk management, customer service, technical support, information technology, product development, marketing and inside sales departments. Our ingenuity, integrity, vision and straight talk are redefining the payments industry; our merchants and partners choose to do business with us because we are responsive, flexible and creative.


One of PowerPay’s distinct advantages is its diverse and experienced management team, all of whom have a track record building and managing fast growing products, businesses, and distribution channels in electronic payments and financial services with regional, national, and global organizations.

Competitive Pricing and Superior Value

PowerPay’s pricing ranks among the most competitive in the industry, but it’s our wide array of choices, flexible approvals, rapid response, and individualized attention that makes us the best choice for thousands of new merchants each month. With our one-on-one approach, we work with each merchant to put together the right payment services at the right price to meet their unique needs.

24/7 Support…and Beyond

These days, having a trained, knowledgeable and responsive support team available 24/7 is a must. What makes PowerPay truly different is our commitment to simple, straightforward communication, and ongoing support to help merchants avoid unnecessary costs, prevent fraud, and improve customer satisfaction with clear, fast, reliable and secure payment systems.

Sales and Marketing

PowerPay’s knowledgeable sales team works with merchants to understand their distinct needs and help them make decisions about all of their payment processing options. By structuring a program that is right for our merchants, we can help them achieve a greater level of efficiency and better manage costs.

For our partners, a dedicated in-house Marketing team provides innovative and thought-leading business concepts designed to generate greater revenue. Through strategic messaging and well-planned media and web placement, we can design effective and creative pieces focused on our partner’s product and the PowerPay processing solution. Marketing efforts can coincide with our partners’ own product development, communications, and promotional strategies in support of their business development and sales efforts.

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