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How Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Brand

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How Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Brand

Pinterest is a relatively new social media phenomenon that seems to be growing in popularity each year. Although it allows users to connect with images over words, it remains an increasingly powerful tool that brands can use to connect with each other, gain exposure, and attract new customers. Here are a few ways that Pinterest can help your brand:


Promote Events

Pinterest is a great way to advertise and promote upcoming events for your brand. If you are planning on holding a community event to acquaint your brand with local customers or if you have some promotional event that you want to get the word out about, Pinterest gives you a great platform to advertise it. Give life to your brand events by using  exciting visuals to draw people to your events.

Visual Connection

One of the biggest ways that Pinterest helps your brand is that it allows it to connect people in a captivating way. By putting great visuals to your company, you create an emotional connection with your customers that is powerful. You can use this medium to inspire, to compel and to communicate your brand message to potential buyers. This provides a sophistication and a creativity to marketing that is unlike most social network platforms. If your brand is looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate itself, Pinterest provides many opportunities to achieve this.

Newtek, the small business authority for Forbes believes that there is a strong correlation between the strength of an image and the amount of attention it attracts, “Across all social media avenues, posts with strong images attached to them get on average three times as much user engagement as those with no images. This is especially true on Pinterest. The more immediately captivating your pin is, the more likely it is to be repined”.


Because of Pinterest’s visual-based platform, brands have a great opportunity to make themselves stand out. If you are looking for ways to give your brand an identity, you have an abundance of opportunities to achieve that with Pinterest. This social network allows you to make very unique boards that will interest other members and entice them to try out your brand. If you create a board that is cool enough, you might just end up getting new business.

John Brandon, contributor for Inc believes that Pinterest’s wide user base provides great opportunities for brand exposure, “Pinterest had an estimated 3.3 million users in the month of October (2011). While there’s no mechanism for potential customers to buy your products directly from the site, consider the marketing potential: Popular images (with links back to the original source) can get repinned on hundreds of other users’ boards.”

Article by: John Okoye - John has spent many years writing content for magazines, publications and clients in both the financial and technology industries.


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