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Fun Ways to Promote a Sale at Your Boutique

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Fun Ways to Promote a Sale at Your Boutique

Everyone loves a good sale. When you make a new round of clearance markdowns or decide to have a sale on certain items at your boutique, it’s no secret that your customers are going to get excited. After all, who doesn’t love saving money?

If your boutique is getting ready for a big sale, you’re probably hoping the drop in price will help you to clear out some new inventory. With summer coming to an end soon, it’s time to start moving shorts and tank tops out and make room for scarves and sweaters.

If you’re hoping that discounted prices during your next sale will bring in some serious shoppers, it’s time to get creative.

Any boutique owner can have a sale. It’s easy — place red price tags on a few items that have been sitting around for awhile and thrust them to the back of the store. Or put a sign in your window stating that everything is 25% off. While this is effective to a point, it’s not going to motivate your customers to the levels that you’re hoping.


Try these techniques to generate a buzz for your upcoming sale and make it more fun for customers to stop by and do a little shopping:

  • Secret Sales: Keep your customers guessing by sending them a flyer in the mail promoting your sale, with a portion to scratch off that will reveal their discount. Draw them into your boutique by making them scratch the area containing their discount off in front of an employee. The surprise aspect is fun and it motivates customers to stop by your store to see how much money they can save on their purchases.
  • Sidewalk Sales: Why stash clearance items in the back of your store when you can put them outside for everyone to see? Putting  sale items out on the sidewalk makes it easy for passersby to see what you have to offer. People walking by may not plan to stop into your boutique, but if you have items outside for them to easily check out, you could end up drawing them inside. This move may also inspire other neighboring retailers to join in, creating a multi-store side walk sale. The more stores that join in, the more attention you’ll attract.
  • Donate-to-Save Sales: Clear out extra merchandise and help a good cause by offering customers discounts for bringing an item to donate to charity into your boutique. As the boss, you can opt to run any type of donation drive you please. If it’s around the holidays, ask for cans of food or toys for children, or keep contributions relative to your line of business and request clothing donations. When a customer brings you their donated item, allow them to have a certain extra percentage off of items for the day.


A sale at your boutique doesn’t have to simply be another mundane way to get rid of extra merchandize — it can be a fun event! When you find fun ways to draw people into your business, they’ll remember how much they enjoyed their experience and will be eager to return the next time they’re in the market to do a little shopping.

Article by: Laura Woods - Laura (Jerpi) Woods is a freelance writer living the California dream in sunny Los Angeles, with her husband. She has six years of marketing experience, with the past three spent as a marketing copywriter. Laura has a BA in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Robert Morris University.

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