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Differentiating Your Product

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Differentiating Your Product

By gaining an understanding of each customer and their pain points, businesses are able to create a product that actually makes a difference in their customer’s lives that they enjoy. Craft the product to fit  your client’s specific purpose and they will love you for it. Remember, the key to making your product stick out is to provide a user experience that is consistent and addresses the problems that your customers face each day.

Brad Sugars, contributor for Entrepreneur said, When all else fails, list the main frustrations of consumers in your industry and devise a USP to blunt them. If you’re a carpet cleaner, for example, you might offer an emergency service or a do-it-yourself fabric care kit to address the fear of stains between visits and build your message around those services.

Differentiating Your Product

Create unique products

The proof is in the pudding. By creating a unique product, you automatically set yourself and your brand apart. Having a product with a specific quality and benefits that customers can’t get in the same way from anyone else definitely gives you a leg up. While branding and brand recognition are important and for all intents and purposes “cool” ways for customers to hear about you, they will remember what your product experiences is like long after they remember your brand.

As Gigi Devault stated, “The idea behind differentiation is to set the product apart in way that creates a consumer-valued product distinction”.

To stick out in the minds of your customers you have to engage with them. Talk to them and understand what they are thinking. Don’t get too caught up in what people like and don’t like. Stay focused on holding a productive dialog with your clients and they will love you for it. More importantly, they will also never forget it when they are using it or when they talk about it with their friends.

Increase Your Social media presence

In this day and age, your digital footprint is just as important as your offering. Fortunately, there are several tools available for businesses to use in order to accomplish this. Make sure that you set up a Facebook, Twitter and Google + page for your business. These social media channels provide opportunities to give your brand a unique identity and connect with your community and industry effectively.

You can find a way to stick out just by creating a uniquely compelling social media foundation. Not only will this improve brand recognition, it will drive sales as well.

Article by: John Okoye - John has spent many years writing content for magazines, publications and clients in both the financial and technology industries.

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