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3 Ways Tumblr Can Help Your Business In the Near Future

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3 Ways Tumblr Can Help Your Business In the Near Future

Over the past couple of years, Tumblr has turned into one of the most visited and used blogging platforms on the internet. The social media network boasts a whopping 4.5 billion impressions per week which represents a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to expand their reach. Here are three ways that Tumblr can help improve your business: Ribbon,_Tumblr Reach the younger crowd Tumblr provides one of the best opportunities for brands to connect with young people. According to a recent report released by Comscore, 50% of Tumblr’s users are under the age of 25 and approximately 70% of its users are under the age of 35. While other social media outlets have an abundance of people from all ages, firms can count on Tumblr to drive traffic from Gen Xers and Millenials. Depending on your brand and what products you sell, reaching this demographic can have transformative qualities for your business. As Dan Coe, CEO of a traditional marketing firm described in a recent interview, “If your brand caters to the 18-34 year old demographic, and if you have a compelling brand story, you can do well on Tumblr,” says Coe. “Having a visual story is a must on this platform”. Spread your brand message One of the greatest aspects of Tumblr is the way that it allows businesses of all kinds to spread their message. Because Tumblr is a very visual platform, brands that have a strong message that are able to communicate it effectively will have an easy time engaging customers. While blogs do a great job of helping brands define themselves, Tumblr gives companies more tools to do this in a way that people can connect with. The key to being able to take advantage of this is to have a very clear and well-defined brand identity that will engage people. Once that part is figured out, Tumblr will help you get that message across and hopefully generate interest in the process. Earlier this year Advertising Opportunities Tumblr’s usage has skyrocketed over the past few years and all signs point to this trend continuing. It was no surprise then that brands flocked to the platform looking for new ways to connect with its abundance of users. Tumblr’s CEO David Karp admitted plans to help other brands in the near future admitting that the platform is “always actively looking for creative ways to help out brands”. With its recent acquisition by Yahoo, many experts believe that Tumblr’s new parent company will capitalize on the 15 billion page views per month by offering advertising for businesses. When Tumblr eventually does roll out advertising opportunities for brands, having an established Tumblr presence will place your brand in a perfect position.

Article written by: John Okoye - John has spent many years writing content for magazines, publications and clients in both the financial and technology industries

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