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Legal Shield Buisness Plan

Affordable Legal Protection

 How Can I Protect My Business Without Spending So Much on Legal Services?

As a local business owner we are faced with many challenges. As we do our best to meet our clients or customers needs, there are times that we may fall short or get a person that you simply cannot please. In some cases this may lead to a legal issue. have you ever looked for legal help and noticed that the cost to have an attorney simply write a letter on your behalf will cost you hundreds if not thousands of hard earned dollars! In some cases the attorney will require a retainer fee that can be costly as well.


This is where it gets good for you. Now because of a large network of provider attorneys willing to offer their time and legal services to business owners collectively, you can now get access to an attorney for the cost of a nice family dinner. In addition, you family gets coverage as well! That is what I call 1-2 PUNCH. The cost to Benefit is HUGE.

Small Business Plans

Get advice on legal questions or issues concerning your small business.

Unexpected business legal questions arise everyday. With a our Small Business plan legal coverage, you’ll have access to experienced attorneys to advise you on a variety of legal issues.

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